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3-year Post-doc position

3-year Post-doc position: Antigen processing pathways in HIV-specific B cells

The Institute:
We are looking for a resourceful post-doc to join our research team that will move to the Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC), in 2019. I2BC is an institute from CNRS, CEA and Paris-Saclay University, created in 2015 and located on the historic CNRS campus at Gif-Sur-Yvette, 20 km away from the south of Paris. I2BC offers an exceptional scientific environment where researchers can use a wide diversity of model systems to tackle biological questions. It is composed of 5 departments: Structural and Genome Biology, Microbiology, Cell Biology and Virology; and equipped with state-of-the-art research and core facilities including imaging (light microscopy, EM and Cryo-EM), NGS, crystallization, and flow cytometry.

Arnaud Moris' lab:
The post-doc will join a dynamic research team from the Virology dpt. focusing on virus-host interactions in particular cellular degradation compartments such as autophagy. The group of A. Moris is currently at CIMI-Paris but will move to I2BC in 2019 to dissect the pathways leading to viral antigen presentation by MHC molecules to human T lymphocytes. The postdoc will characterize the various steps leading to MHC-II-restricted antigen presentation by B cells, from antigen capture mediated by the B-cell-receptor to MHC-II loading compartments and the quality of T cell activation. The project includes the development and characterization of novel libraries of antigen specific human B cells. Our aim is to define the checkpoints and rate-limiting steps of antigen presentation by B cells to help designing novel vaccine strategies that will sustain B-cell-T-cell antigen-specific interactions and thus the generation of broadly Neutralizing Antibodies.
The team has tight contacts with researchers and clinicians involved in HIV research and in charge of patient cohorts. The post doc salary is granted by the French AIDS agency (ANRS) as part of a collaborative work with Hugo Mouquet from the Pasteur Institute.

The candidate:
We are interested in rigorous and multi-talented candidates who are enthusiastic and passionate about tackling basic biological questions with potential application in immunotherapy. The candidate should have a PhD in Immunology or Cellular Biology.
This position is particularly suited for applicants with a strong background in the field of B cell biology. However, candidates with an expertise in cell biology (e.g. culture of primary human cells, vesicular trafficking and imaging) are also highly encouraged to apply.
Competences in basic molecular biology technics will be appreciated. The candidate should be strongly motivated to develop an innovative project in the field of infectious diseases with a focus on HIV research. The applicant must demonstrate a capacity to rapidly adapt to a new environment; to show initiative in interacting with colleagues from the team, the dpt, the core facilities and I2BC.

The position is opened from January 2019. Candidates should send a motivation letter, CV and contacts of 3 references to
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