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Anglique Jarade Institut Pasteur - Paris pour sa participation au "13th ENII (European Network of Immunology Institutes) Summer School on Advanced Immunology" qui s'est tenu en Sardaigne du 5 au 12 mai 2018.


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The 13th ENII (European Network of Immunology Institutes) Summer School on Advanced Immunology was organized from the 5th to the 12th of May, at Hotel Le Ginestre in Porto Cervo (Sardinia). Over 110 people attended the Summer School this year, comprising PhD students, post-docs as well as participants from the industry.
In the mornings, guest speakers from different institutes across Europe gave high-quality lectures. They usually started with a general introduction to their field, followed by presentation of their research. Then, selected students gave a short talk about their work in the afternoons. In the early evenings, we participated to tutorial sessions where we could have informal discussions with the different guest speakers. Lastly, all participants were asked to present their work in the evenings during poster sessions. We ended the week with a networking event consisting of a full day boat excursion to La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, with its pristine islands.
The ENII Summer School was a great experience in many different ways.
First of all, the ENII Summer School was my first experience of an international conference and gave me the opportunity to present my work outside of the lab. In particular, the poster session was extremely helpful. It allowed me to develop my communication skills and to learn how to address questions about my work. Also, both students and researchers gave me many enriching feedbacks and suggestions.
Secondly, the scientific quality of the ENII Summer School was very high and each moment had their specific interests. The courses given by the principal investigators expanded my knowledge by introducing me to new areas of immunology. They allowed me to stay up-to-date, but also brought new insights about current and future questions for immunology. Above all, I enjoyed seeing different approaches used by researchers to answer a scientific question and thinking about how I could translate that to my own research. Then, the tutorial sessions gave me the opportunity to discuss topics addressed during the talks as well as general concepts. Moreover, we were able to touch on the issue of scientific careers and the speakers gave us some valuable advice. Lastly, the poster sessions allowed me to interact directly with each student and discuss their data in a casual atmosphere. This was the perfect occasion for me to develop my critical thinking and possibly also suggest ideas to young researchers.
Lastly, the ENII Summer School was a special time to have interactions with researchers. On a first hand, we had the opportunity to discuss with experienced researchers many times, given the small number of participants. On the contrary to the situation in congresses, it was very easy to interact with them during the week. On a second hand, the Summer School allowed me to get to know amazing young researchers. I really enjoyed sharing our experience together and discussing with them was very helpful. I know I can reach out to them in the future, if ever in need for discussion or help with troubleshooting and I hope we will keep in touch.
Overall, the ENII Summer School provided an ideal environment to do science and to become a better scientist. I learned a lot thanks to the great scientific organization and broadened my vision of immunology. This, along with the many discussions I had, allowed me to step back about my work and brought new insights to it.
For all these reasons, I would like to encourage any young researcher from the society to attend the future editions of the ENII Summer School. Mostly, I would like to thank the Socit Franaise d’Immunologie (SFI) for supporting my participation to this year ENII Summer School with a travel grant.

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